FPL Team World Cup

The inaugural FPL Team World Cup will kick-off in GW1. With a ton of entries, it took a lot of time to go through the past performances and select 4 of the best managers from each country that entered the competition.

You will find the participating nations and the managers who made the cut, below, along with the contest format.

Participating Nations:


– @rosco1177


– @WFC_Seb

– @wfc_LS_potzi

South Africa

– @IHagglund

– @MarcLingard

– @Niv08

– @GarethShillaw


– @drsbravo

– @ujpoudel

– @bluecarefree

– @gunner_222


– @FPLblue

– @FPL_intel

– @fplkangaroo

– @footballfix86


– @plug_in_baby_x

– @alchin1john

– @gemmabaggies

– @footyfixhead


– @xisimon_

– @fpl_stuff

– @vgSves

– @oysteinwalle89


– @FPLGhost

– @FPLdevil

– @fpl_transtips

– @roger_sen


– @FPLBraveheart

– @NymfriaTV

– @emmamereta

– @Steflex1


– @shirtsvskinsFPL

– @fplginger

– @jefflaveeeeen

– @fplthunshot


– @fplwolf

– @fplmoose

– @MortKat

– @studs_up_tackle


– @psyk7

– @joebasshd

– @yehmea

– @sleemzs


– @gokhanuz

– @midyetava

– @onralptekin

– @umutcelik


– @xahraddeen_

– @ibdembow10

– @nabil_bamalli

– @dembow_ab


– @cityzenforlife

– @diehardCFCfan

– @fplGunnersGene

– @FPL_Junkie


– @FPlcisewu

– @FPLcelebes

– @mbah_fpl

– @FansFpl

Contest Format:
The FPL Team World Cup will begin from GW1 itself. It will be divided into the following phases:

League Format
GW1 to GW20: Based on Total Points (cumulative points of all 4 managers from each team), at the end of GW20, the 15 nations will be ranked.
The top 6 teams secure automatic qualification to the Quarter-Finals.

GW21 & GW22: The 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th placed teams go into two-legged play-offs to fight for the last 2 spots in the Quarter-Finals.
The 7th placed team will take on the 10th placed team, while the 8th team takes on the 9th team.
1st leg for both matches will be in GW21, while the 2nd leg will be in GW22.

GW23 & GW24: The fixtures will be decided via a random draw.
This will be over two legs, 1st leg in GW23 & 2nd leg in GW24.
If both teams win 1 leg each, the total points scored over both legs will be compared, and the team with maximum points will progress to the Semi-Finals.

GW25 & GW26: The fixtures will be decided via a random draw.
This will also be over two legs.

Third Place Play-off
GW27: This will be over 1 leg. Team with the highest points will win the tie.

GW28: The Champion will be decided over 1 leg itself. The team with the highest points wins the FPL Team World Cup!

All the best to every nation, and the managers representing their country. Let the best team win in the first ever #FPLteamWorldCup


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