Gal Gadot Is The Superhero We Need

Wonder Woman is like a breath of fresh air in a male superhero-centered universe. Not because of how she can best pretty much any man on the battlefield, but also because this movie is brimming with love, so full of love that if you listen closely, you’d probably hear a few hearts breaking when Steve Trevor hands Diana the watch.

There’s no genetically modified villain who wants to end the world, no ticking time bomb to defuse, and no latex-clad dude who has muscles bigger than your face. This is a story about people…normal, regular people doing things they would probably never do, if not for the war ravaging their countries.

What brought a smile to my face was the “she did it” that was screamed by the men who thought they had no other option but to sit in those trenches, while Wonder Woman took on the Germans head-on!

Another thing that jumped out, were the colours. Wonder Woman is surrounded by colour, and looks so much better than all the DC movies before this, where things seem darker than an alley in India.

Patty Jenkins has really achieved a lot with Wonder Woman, and if Justice League had not already been made, she should have been trusted with the project.

Lastly, but most importantly, director Patty Jenkins hits the nail on its head with her depiction of Wonder Woman. She’s undeniably beautiful and physically strong, but that is certainly not what the camera and story focus on. She is a woman who wants to make the world a better place, and won’t conform to something that everyone “thinks” is right.

If you’ve watched Wonder Woman, let me know what you thought of the movie, in the comments section. If you haven’t watched it yet…what are you waiting for?!


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